About Lesotho - Nohana Primary School

About the Primary School
Nohana Primary School is one of ten primary schools in Ketane. The school has 370 students in grades 1-7, nine teachers, and a principal. Students walk up to one and a half hours to school. Some students from outlying areas live with relatives in the village in order to attend school. The school has no independent source of power, but it does have access to power from the adjacent computer school.

About the Computer School
There is a small computer school adjacent to Nohana Primary School, established in 2008. It has two Windows-based computers and a new printer/scanner/copier, along with a small solar power system for running the computers. It offers computer instruction to secondary school students and adults. Most of the teachers at Nohana Primary School have been trained to use these computers, and they operate and maintain the solar power system. The community is in the process of constructing a new building to house the computer school. The school earns additional money by offering to charge cell phones.