About Lesotho - Ketane

Ketane is a remote community made up of small enclaves and villages scattered over twenty to thirty kilometers. Ketane is a 12-hour bus ride from Maseru, Lesotho's capital, but many of the homes are only accessible by horseback or on foot.

The only facilities in Ketane are a police station, a health clinic, a small store, a Catholic mission, a small computer school, and a primary school. The main sources of income are cattle ranching and raising sheep and goats for wool. Several innovative ideas have taken hold in Ketane, including a large solar oven used to bake bread to earn money (pictured at right), as well as efficient "keyhole" gardens.

There are two chiefs and a local council that govern the area. There is also an active widows association called Diamonds of Ketane, pictured above with the solar oven.